Q: How do I find a product to start saving for?

A: Once you have logged in to the InSpirAVE App, you will see the “Discover” section in the Home page here: http://qa.saveaway.net/home
Or you can navigate to it by clicking on “Discover” in the menu.

Search Bar Screenshot for Help Menu InSpirAVE

In this example, a search result for the Nintendo Switch is displayed. In the results page, you may examine a product from a specific vendor. To learn more details about the specific product, click on the blue Product Details button. You may also your product of interest into your Wish-list, where you can compare a maximum of two products; in this page, your inner social circle may vote on what product is best suited for your needs.

If you have not yet found what you are looking for, you can keep searching for more items in the top bar. If you have a specific purchase in mind and are not finding it, we are continually in the process of adding vendors and items. If there is something you would like to save for and have not yet found while searching on the InSpirAVE site, please message us through the Contact Page.

Next Step: Comparing & Social Voting