Enjoying A Tune

“I love listening to music and it helps me to concentrate and focus, whether I am studying or working. However, I live in a busy household with noisy roommates, making it difficult to fully enjoy my music. I realized that a good pair of the Apple AirPods Pro would allow me to block out external noise and fully immerse themselves in their music, leading to a more enjoyable and productive experience.”

A Problem arises

“However, the current problem I am facing is not being able to afford the purchase of the Apple AirPods Pro without taking on credit ordebt. The SaveAway® app with INSPIRAVE helped solve the my problem by allowing me to set up a personalized savings plan for my AirPods purchase. The app enabled me to invite friends and family to vote and gift towards my purchase, making it easier to reach my savings goal without incurring debt.”

“It works by allowing users to set up auto-saves towards their savings goal. I was able to save a set amount of money regularly, such as daily or weekly, and the app will automatically transfer the funds to my savings account. Additionally, the app allows me to invite friends and family to vote and gift towards my savings goal, making it easier to reach my target amount.”

But here comes SaveAway®

“The SaveAway® app is ground-breaking because it provides a unique solution for users who want to save money towards a specific purchase without incurring debt. The ability to invite friends and family to contribute towards the savings goal makes it a social experience and takes the burden off of one person to save the entire amount on their own. Additionally, the auto-save feature helps you stay on track with your savings goal without having to think about it.”

Based my personal experience, I would refer the SaveAway® app to others because of its ease of use, social aspect, and ability to save towards a specific purchase without incurring debt. Additionally,the referral program offered by the app provides a special bonus to both the user and the person they refer, making it a win-win situation.

We are grateful to Tony for sharing his story. We are also happy that he is well on his way to getting those Air pods in a financially responsible, debt free way with SaveAway®.

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Member Success Story – Kevin Wong

“…other features that I loved was that it can show my progress based on the plan I make involving a date, payment method, and a frequency in the amount of money I can earn daily…”

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