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Queens Tech Corner: Om Kundu of SaveAway

“SaveAway, in contrast to impulse-driven transactions, aims to actualize a world where the windshield is opened up, allowing users to peer into the canvas and set important goals. With the #saveaway toolbox, rooted in behavioral science, users can make better purchase decisions and fulfill them without the risk of credit turning into debt…. It is also a privilege to see SaveAway increasingly become a part of the fabric interwoven with the wellness of the community.”

We are excited to kickoff the “Humanizing Commerce & Fintech” X-Space with co-hosts Simon and Fabio.


Gratitude to our newest users+ partners who✍️ed-up to #SaveAway during #NYFintechWeek

3P Live: Feat founder Om Kundu

“How many business insights have you gleaned from Stanford Math grad fintech founders recently… Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Join us at 3P Live for candid conversations with hashtagSalesLeaders & hashtagFounders. We delve into 1) pivotal business insights 2) passion outside work 3) elevator hashtagpitc”

SaveAway TechImpactNYC finalists

“Meet Om Kundu, one of our eight terrific hashtagTechImpactNYC finalists,
Founder, CEO, and Board Member of SaveAway® with INSPIRAVE”

SaveAway earns finalist spot in the TechImpact Startup Competition sponsored by the NYC Economic Development Corporation and Community Development Financial Institutions Fund.

SXSW'24 Tech Industry

SXSW 2024 “FinTech and E-Commerce Meet Up”

At a time when ‘getting what-you-want’ is more common than ‘knowing what-you-want’ — and frictionless commerce may have swung in ways that have accentuated far too many succumbing to impulse and debt — how are creatives reimagining retail e-commerce and fintech to become more purposeful?

Finovate published SaveAway article

SaveAway Launches “24 in 24” to Help Consumers to SaveAway Now, Buy Soon

SaveAway is celebrating the season with its “$24 to Ring in ’24 program. The new offering, timed for the New Year, will put $12 in the SaveAway wallet of new sign ups and another $12 for any referral who signs up and completes a SaveAway plan. That’s $24 for new users who bring along a referral now through January 2024.

At 2023 SXSW, SaveAway® founder is the facilitator of Meetup on “FinTech and E-Commerce

SaveAway® in the News
“The Great Reset” to build an e-commerce and fintech ecosystem that is more purposeful.

SaveAway® recognized by NYCEDC’s Founder Fellowship, and is one of its Diverse Cohort of 100 Entrepreneurs

SaveAway® in the News
Meet the 100 diverse-led startup teams selected to participate in the Founder Fellowship in 2023. These founders are working with five operators, each with unique program offerings to support…
SaveAway® in the News
“Buy Now Pay Later” may be the e-commerce rage du jour. But if you check in with the team from Inspirave, then you’ll hear about a better way for consumers to spend and save. The New York based company…
SaveAway® in the News

At the intersection of banking, payments, and technology; Shamir Karkal co-founded Simple in 2009, later bought by BBVA for $117 million. He has served as CEO of Sila since 2018 and has focused on the fast-track potential of SaveAway®

SaveAway® in the News
“Saving money is hard enough, especially for important purchases or events. SaveAway® is helping people “save for what matters,” and reduce impulsive spending. According to the company, “30 percent of purchases are regretted and half of Americans are living…
SaveAway® in the News
From a renewed focus on holistic financial wellness to the way technologies like predictive analytics can improve financial decision-making, the personal finance management (PFM) space has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years…
SaveAway® in the News
Source:   Fresh off its successful return to SXSW and a run through INV Fintech’s annual event in San Francisco, social savings innovator SaveAway® is offering early access to its…
The #SaveForWhatMatters podcast is a no-holds-barred dialog on how real the commerce and ‘fintech revolution’ truly is: Hosted by SaveAway® CEO Om Kundu, leading voices from the sector (and the wilderness) share actionable…
When it comes to saving for big purchase goals, most of us can use all the help we can get. With The Internet of Savings® platform from SaveAway®, consumers can not only accrue the benefit of savings from retail and…
SaveAway® recognized among the World’s FinTech Forward Companies to Watch by American Banker and BAI Gearing up for its soon-to-be released beta of The-Internet-of-Savings® platform…
SaveAway® in the News
Om Kundu, founder of InSpirAVE, tells us what attendees can expect from Efma’s upcoming New York Business Trip and outlines his thoughts for the future of the sector…