“Saving money is hard enough, especially for important purchases or events. SaveAway® is helping people “save for what matters,” and reduce impulsive spending. According to the company, “30 percent of purchases are regretted and half of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.”

The unique part of this company is their Internet-of-Savings® platform that helps users multiply savings for big ticket items and create a shared experience. After placing items from merchants or retailers on your wish list, you can ask your friends and family for advice and offer a gift giving opportunity. The program will continue to work through the goal until the item is delivered to your door.

As SaveAway® continues to accumulate success, following critical acclaims from American Banker and BAI, through 2018, it is important for us to express gratitude who the community who continue to support us. One of the primary aspects of SaveAway® is enabling the users to invite friends and family to provide advice and contributions; it is characteristic that we would like to embody in our mission to #SaveForWhatMatters.”

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Announcing the Retailer Recommendation! Nothing is more important than enacting as a democratizing force. Support local businesses through the SaveAway® program so that they too can expand their reaches through the magic of “Saving Up More, Faster.”

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