We welcome you to read about one of our members here at SaveAway, Kevin Wong!

“I feel that SaveAway is the next greatest thing that will ever innovate NYC to a new generation of having to save now and buy later. Hello, my name is Kevin, and I’m a member of SaveAway. I want to show you what it’s like to be a SaveAway member and gain the benefits I earn from this experience. Let’s jump into it!”

Saving in an app

“The first thing you must learn about SaveAway is that it is a social platform designed to help those who struggle with handling items they want to purchase. When I sign up for SaveAway, the first thing I see is the options designed for creating a starter’s checklist. It allowed me to select options to how I want to make my purchases, and the app understands what I’m looking for, which gave a compelling result for me to work with.”

“What I found intriguing about the app is that it has the option for me to create contacts. With this choice, I’m able to allow my family and friends to join together and communicate through social media or email. This feature makes everything change as I can message others about showing interest in SaveAway, and letting them see everything that can truly bring joy towards making a plan they customized. Some other features that I loved was that it can show my progress based on the plan I make involving a date, payment method, and a frequency in the amount of money I can earn daily.”

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User Success Story – Tony Nwaneri

” …the current problem I am facing is not being able to afford the purchase of the Apple AirPods Pro without taking on credit ordebt. The SaveAway® app with INSPIRAVE helped solve the my problem by allowing me to set up a personalized savings plan for my AirPods purchase… “

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At 2023 SXSW, SaveAway® founder is the facilitator of Meetup on “FinTech and E-Commerce”

…”The Great Reset” to build an e-commerce and fintech ecosystem that is more purposeful.

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