Om Kundu, founder of InSpirAVE, tells us what attendees can expect from Efma’s upcoming New York Business Trip and outlines his thoughts for the future of the sector.


What will you be showcasing at the upcoming New York Business Trip?

Attendees will get a first hand view of how our InSpirAVE vision goes beyond ‘customer obsession’ and ‘financial health’ to help customers reach their fullest potential in ways that make the old saying ‘No goal is out of reach if you set your mind to it’ manifest.

Delegates will see how InSpirAVE is bringing that mission to life through The Internet of Savings platform, which empowers users with the financial intelligence they need to multiply their savings and sustainably achieve the purchase-goals that matter the most to them, without falling into the debt-trap.

Our InSpirAVE Team will also share how partnering financial institutions, whose customers get the benefit of access to the InSpirAVE platform, can realise materially significant gains from expanded customer relationships and revenue-streams, in socially responsible ways that set themselves apart in the marketplace.

What do you believe that attendees will get out of the event?

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